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Say Goodbye to Back Aches and Swollen Ankles While Flying

My back aches before I even step on the plane.

You know how the drill goes.  At the airport two or three hours early for your flight.  You wait in that long, long security line.  Then the shoes come off, laptop goes in its own bin, carry-on bag hits the conveyor belt. 

When you (finally) make it through the checkpoint, your next wait begins.  So what do you do for the next hour and a half or two hours?  Sit, stand, read.  Watch the airport TVs.  Get some food and browse the magazines at Hudson’s.

And wait.  And wait.

And wait some more.

By the time the gate attendant calls your boarding section, your feet and back are already complaining and you’ve still got a 4- (or 14-) hour flight ahead of you. 

If you’re flying coach like I am, you’re facing hours of constantly shifting your body weight, putting your feet up, putting your feet down, stretching your legs under the forward seat, and rolling your shoulders trying to release tension and find a few moments of comfort.

What Other Passengers Are Saying....

“On a recent trip I was given a FootNest to use during the flight. I have to say it was great to elevate my feet and legs. Upon arrival I was very rested and my legs weren't swollen or stiff after a long flight in Coach!!

The FootNest is very compact, adjustable in length and make trips more comfortable”

-CB from Virginia

How’s a seat-weary world traveler to enjoy the adventure of flight anymore?

    What would more comfort and less tension in your legs, hips, and back be worth to you?

    What if you could rid yourself of tired achy hips…lower back stress…swollen ankles…and a fidgety body, all for less than the cost of a New York City cab ride?

If you want first class comfort (well, almost!) at a coach price, then you need a footnest logo small.

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